10 Best Camping Chair for Heavy Person for 2021 Buying Guide

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I know you are looking for the best camping chair for heavy person or the best camping chair for big guy. Don’t worry Today, I will solve this issue.

Who doesn’t like camping? There’s something about being outside in nature that makes life worthwhile. Sometimes, you only have to get out there and get away from the lights and sound.

Now, being out in nature is all about leaving the comforts of home behind, but if you’re anything like we are, you love a fantastic spot to sit. Sitting on the floor is fine, but there’s nothing better than pulling up a camping chair to the fire to warm yourself and find outdoor relaxation.

For big and rugged guys, finding the ideal camping chair isn’t always straightforward. You require a durable and heavy-duty seat that’s powerful and long-lasting, and that’s just what we’ve found. The seats on our list are as hard as you are.

1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair – Best Camping Chair for Heavy Person

It’s known as the King Kong seat for a reason, and you’ll feel like a king sitting inside, even if you’re just the king of the gorillas. The chair is designed to last with a reinforced frame, durable material, and a great deal of comfort.

There are four colors to pick from, so you may color-coordinate along with your other camping equipment if you desire, mix in with nature, or stand out and make a statement. The steel framework is powder-coated, and the 600D polyester fabric is as sturdy as they come. A great deal of comfort and stability.

The armrests have a whole lot of flexibility, cradling your arms and encouraging them, and they all have a cup holder and side pocket. Both armrests are adjustable too.

The chair is rated for up to 800 lbs and folds down for convenient and easy storage and transport. The durable chair has a shoulder carry bag that you get to and from your ideal relaxing spot.

My recommendation: This is the best camping chair for heavy person must checkout once.

Pros & Cons


  • Ruggedly built chair designed to last for a long time
  • Great chair for the price
  • Best for tall and big guy


  • Need Improvements

2. Coleman Big-N-Tall Oversized Quad Chair – Best Camping Chair For Big Guy

Coleman has an exceptional reputation when it comes to outdoor accessories. The Coleman Big-N-Tall Camping Chair is comfortable, durable, and stylish too.

You have a choice of 2 colors, one mixing in and another standing out a bit more. You’ll also be impressed with the worth of this seat, a lot to love here, and a low-price too.

The oversized seat accommodates the most significant individual, and the toes are extra-large, providing a great deal of stability. You won’t be cramped in when you’re sitting, enabling you to sit comfortably for more.

This chair is all about comfort. The size and height permit you to sit comfortably, but it’s the extras you will appreciate. The CellPort is designed to hold your mobile phone and will keep it dry also. The Chair Drain system also enables the water and moisture to filter out of the chair pad, keeping you dry when you do sit down again. There’s a side pocket for any electronic or print media, a cushioned back and seat, a solid steel frame, and adjustable arms.

Pros & Cons


  • Wonderfully sturdy chair.
  • Fantastic design and amazing comfort
  • Best chair for the big guy
  • Solid chair for the outdoor adventures


  • Sturdy, but uncomfortable after some times
  • Need Improvement

3. Alpha Camp Oversized Heavy-Duty Camping Chair – Best Camping Chair

When you need to go heavy or go home, you can not go wrong with the Alpha Oversized Camping Chair. For those who have a massive physique or need a bit more space when you sit, then the comfortable and generous chair will encourage you, and the heavy-duty steel framework will provide excellent backup.

The seat is 600x300D cushioned oxford cloth, giving you comfort and also holding up to rips and tears from things such as knives and keys in your back pocket. The padded back will let you sit back and relax by the fire. The steel frame has a hammer tone powder coating to keep it resistant to rust, and it can hold up to 450 lbs.

The armrests are at a comfortable height, and you’ve got a mesh cup holder on one arm to hold your drink and a cooling tote on the opposite arm to keep all your other drinks cool. Add in a side pocket for each of your books, magazines, and other things, and you do not ever have to get up as soon as you’ve sat down.

When you’re finished, fold up this seat, and you’re ready to go.

Pros & Cons


  • Highly recommend for comfortable, and durable chair
  • Very sturdy chairs
  • Good quality chair for the buck


  • Fabric Stitching is just Ok
  • Cup size little small

4. Mossy Oak Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair – Best Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair

Back to basics with this elegant camping seat. There are three colors to pick from, each representing a shade of nature, and the design brings comfort, stability, and ease-of-use.

Steel tubing was used for the framework, which steel is black powder-coated for extra durability and offers a clean finish. The 600D polyester material is rated for up to 400 lbs and will wick away moisture, drying fast (something vital once you’re in the wonderful outdoors). The cloth is double-layered in critical regions, and there’s a foam pad stitched to the back for additional comfort.

The chair is extra-wide, so you won’t be pinched when you do sit. It folds and unfolds too quickly, ideal for camping, the beach, or your yard at home. It only weighs in at 8.5 lbs and includes a black carry bag that will protect it while in storage and make it easy to take everywhere with you.

There’s a built-in 4-can insulated cooler in the arm, zippered for easy access. There’s a suitable cloth cup holder on the opposite arm, big enough for virtually all beverages and featuring a metal eyelet draining hole. An excellent seat to relax in comfort. This is also one of the best camping chair for heavy person.

Pros & Cons


  • Big and Comfortable Chair
  • Great Look
  • Best for Money
  • Strong, sturdy chairs


  • Cheap storage bags
  • Stitching Need Improvement

5. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair – Best Camp Chair 2021 for Big Guy

You will love this seat’s look, elegant design, and sleek lines, giving it a realistic look that’s tough and durable. Before we get into the seat’s actual details, be aware that it’s one of the most economical on the marketplace and comes in a large number of colors, both muted and bright.

The dual-lock chair brings plenty of comfort and sturdiness. The seating was designed not to sag, bringing you more comfort over time. The durable diamond ripstop fabric is resistant to rips and tears and will allow moisture to be wicked away too. It’s ideal for any outdoor occasion.

The chair will support up to 400 pounds but stays ultra-light due to the firm yet sleek steel tube. The seat locks open for additional support, and locks are closed for more comfortable transport. It folds up nicely for storage and is easy to carry.

It would help if you always had a cup holder, and this camping seat includes two one mesh holders on each arm. There’s also an organizer with zipping, additional mesh pockets, and a carry strap and tote. A slick chair that will go with you everywhere.

Pros & Cons


  • Good chair for heavy and tall
  • Amazing Look
  • Super Zipping


  • Seams ripped after few uses
  • Little price high but worth

6. KingCamp Heavy-Duty Oversized Camping Chair – Best Camp chair for heavy guy

This is a seat that looks comfy, and you’ll be delighted to know it is comfortable too. There’s a big seat (you may experience no pinching), a soft Oxford cloth, and a lumbar support system that will support your spine. Everything comes together to help you relax in style. It’s so comfortable that we have heard stories of people using the seats in their houses.

The frame is crafted from high-strength steel tubes. The metal-on-metal contact points add durability in which lesser substances cannot. Insert in the durable fabric, and you have a seat that could hold up to 350 lbs. You’ll be surprised, then, when you lift the seat to find it is very light, just 11.3 pounds, to be accurate.

The seat folds and unfolds quickly, assisting you to pack up when you need to, and there’s a carry bag included for easy transportation and safe storage. A durable mesh cup holder in the arm enables you to stow your beverage safely, and any spills or condensation can trickle away as you relax. There’s also an insulated cooler bag (large enough for three cans) and a side/back stash pocket.

The chair is comfortable enough to sit for extended amounts of time, and you’ve got everything you will need to relax at your fingertips.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for backyard
  • Amazing look
  • Very Comfortable


  • High Price
  • Little Heavy chair compare to others
  • Small bags

7. KingCamp Heavy-Duty Ergonomic Camping Chair – Best Camping chair for fat guy

This camping chair includes a heavy-duty steel frame that can hold plenty of weight. The supports on the structure are angled to provide optimum support and weight capacity while giving you lots of stability, regardless of what ground you end up on. The durable polyester is resistant to tears and abrasions and is securely fastened to the framework. The substance is also a mixture of cushioned and mesh supports. When you sit in this seat, you’ll discover that it is among the most comfortable out there and very breathable too.

The armrests are padded to provide you with as much comfort as possible, and there’s a mesh storage pocket on one of those arms, ideal for keeping your smaller items while you unwind. A cup holder is attached to the chair, and this holder can be adjusted and moved so that you never overeat it and spill your drink.

When you’re finished camping, the seat folds up early and fits into the included storage bag. A carry handle on the side makes it easy to transport back and forth.

This is an excellent camping seat for large men. It has a capacity far above the standard chair (and other durable camping seats, too). It’s comfortable and includes some nice perks.

Pros & Cons


  • Best satisfying chair
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Good looking chair


  • Little pricey
  • Chair quality can be improved

8. Oversized Camping Chair Charlie 440 Pound Big Boy Canvas Folding Camping Chair

This Bushtec Adventure Oversized Camping Chair Charlie 440 is here due to its strong construction and the weight capacity mentioned in its title already; this is 440 lb (200 kg).

This is an impressive chair from a trusted brand, a folding camping chair acceptable for very heavy folks. It includes a great carry bag and an incredible price.

You’ve got cup holders, armrests, a side pocket, and it’s padded as well, so I’ve added it to my list of best-padded camping chairs. Notice that its backrest is high so that it features an excellent headrest; this is the reason it’s also in my separate collection of chairs with headrest.

Capacity-wise, I already mentioned that this chair could support 440 pounds (200 kg). This is why I have included it in my list of best camping chair for heavy person.

This capacity isn’t a surprise when you see its framework with those X-shaped bars on either side and the thick tubes.

Size-wise, the measurements are exceptional, the chair measures 42 x 38 x 22 inches (107 x 96 x 56 cm). This is for tall people, and I have added it to the list of high-back camping chairs with headrests.

Weight-wise, well, this isn’t its best feature. The weight is 18 pounds (8.16 kg), so this is hardly something to take anywhere.

The packed size is also not so good; its carry bag measurements are 42 x 38 x 22 inches (107 x 96 x 56 cm). In general, this is a car camping basecamp chair.

The feet are wide and floor friendly, and they’ll not readily sink in the ground.

Pros & Cons


  • Great capacity.
  • Best carry bag.
  • Good price.
  • Best quality.


  • Heavy chair.
  • Very long when packed.

9. Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Concerning the capacity, you’ve formally a chair that supports up to 400 pounds (181 kg). This is extremely impressive, and I have included it in my list of chairs for heavy people.

Regarding dimensions, the chair is big in every sense, the measurements are (W x D x H) 35.8 x 19.6 x 42.1 inches (91 x 50 x 107 cm).

Notice that the chair is vast; you have 24 inches (61 cm) width here, and that’s why I have added it to my list of chairs with extensive seats.

The chair is also giant; it’s 19.6 inches (50 cm) from the floor. So the chair is acceptable for taller people, and it can be convenient also for elderly users.

Seeing weight, the chair is moderately heavy; it weighs 12 pounds (5.4 kg), so you wouldn’t carry it anywhere.

The packed size isn’t the best feature since it’s incredibly long (L x D), 48 x 7 inches (122 x 18 cm). Overall, you require a car for transport for long distances.

Concerning the cost, this chair is a genuine bargain, you’ve seen all its attributes, so this is fantastic value for the price.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide seat.
  • Great carry bag.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Top quality.


  • Heavy .
  • Long when packed.

10. ALPHA CAMP Hammock Camping Chair Folding Swing Chair

Capacity-wise, this chair is really impressive. The official capacity is 500 lb (227 kg), so no doubt that the chair is powerful enough to support nearly every user. That is why I have included it in my list of camping chairs for heavy people.

Size-wise, you’ve got some of the main measurements shown in the picture below. So you understand you’ve got an enormous size, the chair alone is about 31.5 inches (80 cm) wide. I have all of the good reasons to include it in my list of chairs with a vast seat.

Weight-wise, the chair is, on the other hand, weighs 12.27 lb (5.56 kg). However, you have seen its dimensions and capacity, so the weight is warranted.

The packed size can be less impressive; it’s somewhat lengthy when packaged in its carry bag. This is a camping chair for areas with car access.

Concerning the cost, this is more than reasonable for what you get because of its features. A true bargain.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive capacity.
  • Carry bag.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Top quality.
  • Great price.


  • Heavy.
  • Bulky

How to Fold Camping Chair?

Depending upon what type of chair you wind up going for, the process of folding is very likely to be slightly different, so always refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines and directions on the best way to fold your portable chair.

Options are abundant when it comes down to fashion, fabric, materials, size, and weight, not forgetting the potential your chair will have the ability to hold. Most chairs meant for kids will hold up to 150 pounds, at which the standard for adults is 225 pounds, but it can go as large as 500 pounds.

So think about your needs, comfort levels required, the action you want to undertake, and your weight before committing to buying a folding chair.

Depending upon whether you like a minimal folding chair or stool, a standard folding chair typically with aluminum legs and a chair back, or a more luxurious style with cushioned abilities will determine how tricky it is to fold your chair and pack it up at the end of your outdoor adventure.

For More Watch this video:

Buying Guide For Best Camping Chair For Heavy Person

How to Choose the best camping chair for heavy person

So this was my existing list with the best camping chair for heavy person. Many are with a similar structure, folding and with soft armrests. This kind remains relatively large in 1 dimension only. The other sort is with strong armrests and these chairs remain large in two dimensions when packed, but they become thin and you can keep them in narrow spaces in your home or on your trailer.

Besides that, this is only a matter of bonuses and features. So you might want to think about it.

Things While Considered Buy best Camping Chair for Heavy Person

Construction And Materials

Standard camping chairs are solid and challenging, but we are searching for extra-strong and extra-tough. We require chairs that will hold up under extreme conditions. 

You want the best chair out there. This often means a framework that’s nicely put together and crafted from iron, steel, or aluminum.

To find the best mix of strength and weight, we urge powder-coated aluminum. This material is strong and lights while being ideal for a folding chair.

Then we come to the part you sit. You would like to combine a solid frame with a supportive and comfy seat material. Heavy-duty materials such as nylon and polyester will cradle you while holding up to the elements too. 

You want a material that’s watertight and UV-resistant. Mesh fabrics will give breathability. Start looking for the stitching on the material; this is where the weak points are. 

Double-stitching is preferred. If you want more comfort than just the cloth, then you can Search for Additional padding too.

Seat Height And Width

How frequently have you thought about the height of a chair?

Probably not very often. In actuality, if we are buying chairs, we do not often consider it, picking by accessories and relaxation somewhat, but seat height and width are all about your comfort. 

In case you’ve ever sat in a chair for quite a long time, your relaxation can endure, especially if it’s the wrong height or width.

If the chair is too higher, your legs can hang down, and the backs of your thighs can press in the material. It can quickly become uncomfortable. This adds pressure to the backs of your knees and can cause damage over time.

A chair with a seat that’s too low may also be uncomfortable. You might have to extend your legs rather than letting them sit in a natural position. This is particularly true for more prominent individuals.

The width also adds to your relaxation. An inch too narrow can get the chair to pinch at you when you’re sitting. If you’re in doubt, always go for a chair that’s too wide as opposed to a bit too narrow.

Comfort And Capacity

Most chairs are rated for power. Heavy-duty camping chairs are often rated for 300 to 800 lbs. This ability is generally below what the chair can hold, but we still don’t advise toeing the line.

Pick a chair that can comfortably hold all your weight to stop the frame from getting damaged over time. The more the chair can hold, the better it’ll be in the long term.

Pick a chair based on comfort, too. The chair should have the essential purpose of holding you, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be as comfortable as you can. 

Back support is vital. You could also search for a chair that has a footrest so you can put your feet up by the fire.

When you’re relaxing, you need somewhere to store your possessions, such as telephone, wallet, and keys. Search for a chair with pockets to store each of these items.

 A table can also be handy and used to put a book to read, a notepad to write, and snacks to eat. A cup holder is never an undesirable addition for those cold or hot drinks by the fire.


If you’re going on an extended camping trip, then a chair that has plenty of portability is a welcome thing.

Final Words About “Best Camping Chair For Heavy Person”

Because you’re looking for the best camping chair for heavy person, I hope you like this article.

Thank you for reading. Please use the comment box below in case of queries. Did I miss including a fantastic chair? If so, please let me know.

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